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The food menu presents “Fire and Romance” where high quality ingredients combined with traditional cooking techniques and passionate Indonesian touches transform rustic recipes into delicious elegant memorable experiences.


The food focuses on authentic cooking techniques on a

5-meter long live fire bed that is center stage in Agneya’s fully exposed kitchen. It is there that whole lambs are spit roasting, free range chickens are hanging over wood embers, ducklings and root vegetables are slowly roasting in charcoal, grilling of whole marinated fishes or seafood or satay’s just to name a few. No Indonesian dish would worth its salt without the fierce condiments of sambal, crisp crackers and tangy pickled condiments, which are plentiful available and on display.


The extensive beverage menus presents a multitude of hand crafted specialties whilst the wine selections has been mindfully created featuring old world as well as new world wines pleasing any occasion.

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